Hello! I'm a fourth-year student studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. This past winter I was a software engineer intern at Facebook working on the News Feed team. Over the past few years I have also interned at Yahoo! (now Oath), Tulip Retail, TextNow, and TD Lab. You can take a look at my resume for more details on my work experience.

I enjoy video games, playing guitar, hiking, and aerospace. I've worked on various programming projects over the years; you can read about some of them below.

Ray Tracer

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A ray tracer program written for the final project in the Introduction to Computer Graphics course (CS 488) at the University of Waterloo. It is able to render 3D scenes comprising of various geometric primitives and models using diffuse, reflective, and refractive materials.

Pumpkin Kid

Play the game or see the code on Github

A Halloween-themed top-down shooter game made in 7 days for the GBJAM 5, a game jam whose theme is to emulate GameBoy-esque colours and graphics. As such, this game was created with low resolution and only 4 colours.

  • Ranked top 10% in all submissions based on community ratings
  • Featured in Jupiter Hadley's GBJam 5 Favourites

Art and design by Judy Chen - music by Carlos Pazuzu


Play the game or see the code on Github

A sidescrolling infinite runner game made in 2 days at Toronto Game Jam 11. This is a local multiplayer game (two-player, one keyboard), so make sure to try it out with a friend!

Art and design by Judy Chen


See the code on Github

Greentext is a simple imperative programming language I created that is written in and interpreted into Python. I was inspired by this reddit thread and decided to turn the idea into reality. It features most of the fundamental programming constructs, such as conditional statements, loops, function calls, and recursion. Visit the Github repo above for more detailed specifications and examples for the language.